Bring Value Back

DPI Researcher Project, Dubbo NSW

We are a team of meat scientists and engineers developing an objective measure of carcass quality. Our concept will transform the way that livestock supply chain manages carcass classification through the evaluation of the actual value. Build a smart and simplistic device that assess cattle value before animals leave the gate is our vision!

Cattle Assess

DPI Research Project, Armidale NSW

Cattle Assess is an integrated system which objectively assesses live cattle in real time to make predictions of fat, muscle and body condition. The system uses these live animal assessments along with genetic and nutritional information to make carcase predictions well before slaughter of P8 fat, carcase weight, Lean Meat Yield percentage, Meat Standards Australia Index and Marbling score. Cattle Assess has the potential to revolutionise the cattle industry with applications for all sectors from commercial and seedstock producers, feedlotters and processors through improved management, optimising days on feed, improved yield, eating quality and consumer satisfaction and ultimately producing a profitable, productive and sustainable product.

Weed Diagnostic

DPI Researcher Project, Wagga Wagga NSW 

Here at NSW DPI we developed a DNA weed test to help weed managers rapidly identify tussock weeds at any growth stage. The test is simple and can be used in the field or conducted at laboratories. This will help managers to quickly identify and stop emerging tussock weeds spreading as costly infestations…The earlier the detection of these weeds, the more effective is the control."


Hort Innovation Partner Project, Queensland

We introduce the ‘autoharvester’ - bringing mechanisation to the harvest to address labour cost and availability issues for growers. The ‘autoharvester’ - mechanical hands to get fruit off the tree, bringing packhouse technologies into the field.

Crop Count

Hort Innovation Partner Project -Armidale, NSW

Crop Count is a mobile app that uses satellite imagery combined with on ground sampling to provide a consistent and accurate method of forecasting avocado yield. By reducing the number of trees to be counted to forecast yield, Crop Count has the ability to save significant time for growers each season. Recent trials demonstrate that Crop Count is fast, user friendly and easy enough for backpackers to use successfully. This project transforms research into practical tools for growers and the value chain. Crop Count can  advance a growing industry that is estimated to be worth 398 million in Australia. Further opportunities exist to extend Crop Count to other crops including citrus and macadamias. This tool has the potential to improve industry biosecurity through detection of disease, nutrition and pollination efficiencies.

Go Micro

Entrepreneur Project - Adelaide, SA

Go  micro is an AI-powered Phone Microscopy platform enabling farmers to assess pests, plant disease and produce quality accurately with their phones. www.gomicro.co

Smart Trough

Entrepreneur Project, Young NSW

Smart Trough offers a smart trough solution, a water monitoring device that sends the producer message when their preset water levels fail. Our distinct point of difference is the ability to reticulate the water, a filter system that gives the stock access to the freshest cleanest water. 2019 was officially the warmest and driest year on record and moving in 2020 water management is at the forefront of producers minds and our smart trough solution is ready for it.  


Entrepreneur Project, Sydney NSW

KnowHowHere is a Connected Worker App Platform specifically tailored to save time and increase accuracy of the field inspection workforce.

For both biosecurity and food quality, KnowHowHere achieves this by empowering the workforce with the tools they need to make better decisions and capture accurate data more rapidly

It gives managers a flexible dashboard showing the current location and status of every inspector, incursion and asset in real time and automatically routes information to the right decision makers when and where they need it.

Your Vet Online

Entrepreneur Project, Sydney NSW

XFarmCoach brings together stakeholders and their specific expertise on a common platform to create sustained value for the agricultural sector through the optimisation of resources and the development of livestock consulting as a value proposition for ruminant veterinarians. www.yourvetonline.com

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